Introduction about Egyptian Airports Company 

o EAC (Egyptian Airports Company) is subsidiary of EHCAAN (Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation) and affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation.

 o EAC is currently responsible for managing, operating and maintaining 19 regional Airports in Egypt with total passengers exceeding 22 million passengers in 2009/2010.

 o EAC airports are hosting more than 60% of the total Air Traffic in Egypt. 

The Contribution of Egyptian Airports Company in achieving the Sustainable Development

 The EAC seeks to contribute in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as well as supporting Egypt’s 2030 plan through our own projects or through business management within the company and its airports. The following is a brief presentation about the contribution of the EAC in the Field of Sustainable Development:

 In terms of fairness and equality 

 The company has more than 4,500 employees working at the headquarters and other 19 airports across Egypt. In recent years the company has opened and operated 4 new airports, in addition to expansion projects at some airports, which has resulted in the creation of hundreds of jobs, which is in line with Goal 8 (decent work and Economic Growth) and also participates indirectly in achieving goals 1&2 (NO poverty) (Zero hunger).


 The company also continues its efforts to achieve goal 5 (gender equality), as the percentage of females versus males is about 35% at the company's headquarters, while this percentage is reduced in airports of course due to the nature of work in airports and its geographical distribution. 

 Moreover , The company takes into account the proportion of workers with special needs within the legalized ratio 5% and employs them in jobs suitable for their abilities and provide them with required training, which matching with goal 10 (reducing inequalities).

The company working on qualifying and providing training for all workers in all disciplines, in addition to encouraging workers to learn and scientific research where the number of workers having (Master's or PhD) is 54 tell now. It applies with Goal 4 (attention to quality education) and Goal 9 (industry and innovation)

The company not only provides full medical insurance for all employees (even they retired), but it also organizes seminars for increasing the awareness of the employees through specialists, in another side the EAC taking many extraordinary measures to counter the new virus covid 19, including granting exceptional vacations for employees (without affecting their income) and providing the vaccine for employees in some airports. All of these procedures and others enabled the EAC to obtain the Airports Council international ACI of health accreditation in 10 airports, which recorded Egypt as one of the most countries in Africa and the Middle East to obtain this accreditation for its airports. Therefore, the company is on the right track in achieving Goal No. 3 (good health and well-being)