Establishment of Egyptian airports:

Following World War I in 1918, the British occupation forces in Egypt established several lands to serve the Empire Airways, and also other airways, in addition to Heliopoles airport in Cairo, and Abo Keer airport in Alex, till 1931 the airports and the lands all were under the control of British occupation force authority. Although the Egyptian government has issued law number (19) for 1920, which states the monopolization of Egyptian government to the airports, there was no control over the management and the operation of these airports. The first airport established by the Egyptian government was Almaza airport in Cairo, it was inaugurated in 1932, then Abo Keer airport in Alexandria in 1933. Following world war ∏, the airports were handed over to the Egyptian civil aviation authority by the British occupation forces authorities and were divided into categories, the first category was Almaza airport or Farouk El awl airport (Cairo airport currently), and Fouad El Awl airport (El nozha airport currently), the second category was Port Said, Luxor, Embaba airports, and the third category was Marsa Matrouh, Assuit and El Menia airports.

The development processes for these airports were continued on its extensions, and increase till it reached 22 airports (domestic, international, and investment (private)) airports. All are managed by the Egyptian airports company, except Cairo Airport which is managed by Cairo Airport Company.

The Egyptian Airports Company is considered as a subsidiary of the Egyptian Holding Company for Airports and Air navigation – chairman/ pilot Mohammed Fath Allah Refaat – and EAC establishment decision was in accordance with the public decree No. 72/2001 in the scope of establishing companies in aviation field all part of the country policy framework to organize and manage the civil aviation; The Egyptian Airports company is managed and directed by its chairman Pilot Yousry Gamal Eldin Mamdouh.

Article number twelve and thirteen, identified the functions and resources of the Egyptian Airports Company as follows:

  • The establishment, processing, management, maintenance and operation of airports.
  • Contracts for the operation, management, maintenance and operation of airports.
  • The establishment of commercial companies related to air transport of all kinds.
  • The implementation of contracts related to filling of different places at airports and taking into consideration the security of aircraft and passengers.
  • Terms of reference, which was initiated by the Egyptian public agency of Civil Aviation with regard to Law No. 119/1983 and Law No. 3/1997 mentioned.

Five international airports were delegated to be managed by the French company Aeroports de Paris, this delegation started in 2005 (Sharm El Shekh, Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, Abo Simbel)


EAC airports:

First: international airports:

Hurghada – Sharm El Sheikh- Luxor- Aswan- Alexandria- Borg El Arab- Assuit- Taba- Marsa Matrouh - Souhag

Second: Domestic airports (available for international flights)

Al Arish- Shark El Oweinat- Saint Catherine- Abu Simbel

Third: Domestic airports:

Kharga- Dakhla- Tor- Port said

Fourth: training and airports airports

6 October

Fifth: investment airports

Marsa Alam,El-Alamain

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